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Órbitas Aisladas (Isolated Orbits)

Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra (2011)

2222 2210 3perc. hp. pf. strings

17 minutes

Commissioned by Carlos Escalona for the Clarinet Festival in Caracas, Venezuela. To be premiered by the Simón Bolívar Orchestra of Venezuela.

Balacz Rumy, Bass Clarinet

Reading Session with the Juilliard Orchestra

Jeffrey Milarsky, conductor

In three untitled movements

Program notes:

The title Órbitas Aisladas (Isolated Orbits) suggests cyclical motions that unfold independently from one another. The layering of rhythmic materials unfolding at different rates creates a dazzling and sometimes dizzying effect.

I have been interested in creating complex and constantly morphing grooves, and this is perhaps the first work where I explore rhythmic processes in a deliberate way.

Writing my first concerto for a somewhat unusual instrument was liberating . I felt like I did not need to look to the past for models, I could create my own world and play in it.  The result is one of the most unabashedly "fun" pieces I have written.

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